Wisconsin State Hardwood Cribbage Board | Customized Resin/Epoxy Option | Laser Etching | Personalized Name or Logo | Cards + Pegs Included

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Embrace the spirit of Wisconsin with this one-of-a-kind hardwood cribbage board, uniquely shaped like the Badger State. A delightful gift for cheeseheads and cribbage enthusiasts alike! Personalize it with a family name, logo, or image through laser-etching or epoxy/resin, making it truly special.

Handcrafted with care in Minnesota, this cribbage board stands at an impressive 14” tall and 1.125" thick, ensuring its durability and longevity. Pegs and cards are thoughtfully included, providing everything needed to start playing right away.

Choose from various versions to suit your preferences:

1. Base - The classic design, without "Wisconsin" or any additional laser etching or epoxy/resin.

2. Color - Add an artistic touch with stained or dyed hardwood options.

3. Laser Name - Personalize it with your custom name or state name, and combine it with a color treatment for a unique look.

4. Laser Logo - Showcase your custom logo and/or name, alongside a color treatment.

5. Walnut State Name - Features a striking dark Walnut inlay of "Wisconsin," as beautifully depicted in our photos.

6. Epoxy Name - Elevate the design with a colorful epoxy/resin-filled name or state name.

7. Epoxy Logo - The premium version, enhanced with epoxy/resin-filled logo, image, and/or name, creating a true masterpiece.

Discover the joy of cribbage in style with our Wisconsin state-shaped cribbage board. Cherish the memories and keep your game accessories organized with the clever hidden storage for pegs and cards on the backside.

Make this cherished gift truly unique and memorable by customizing your very own Wisconsin cribbage board today!