Ever since  I can remember I've been fascinated by knives. As a kid you could find me wherever the knife case was, trying in vain to convince the sales associate to let me hold the biggest knife. 

I haven't changed that much. My fascination has grown to an obsession. I started playing around with knife making 7 years ago with files, an angle grinder and sandpaper. It was hard work and I loved every second of it. 

With the years I was able to invest in better equipment from my many jobs and eventually procure professional grade machines and materials. I seek to recreate that childlike excitement and giddiness every time a knife leaves the shop. That enthralled smile on the face of my customer when they pick up their blade for the first time is what I work for. 

With sustainability and quality in mind, I source all my materials in America. All of my blades come with a lifetime warranty and sharpening for life. I am not here to sell and disappear. I am here to stay. The longevity and quality of your blade matters and above all else I want you to be confident in your blade and excited to own it. 

-Kellar V Wilson