1 Last Run

1 Last Run

A common thing you’ll hear, towards the end of the day, is “Come on!  Let’s take One Last Run!”  It doesn’t matter if you’re on skis, snowboards or waterskies the general sentiment is to get in that One Last Run.  1 Last Run Furniture uses the equipment One Last Time and is used to make fun and funky, cool and comfortable furniture.

I remember when I was a kid, I saw an Adirondack Chair made from old downhill skies, and I wanted one!  Eventually, after ‘growing up’ I collected some old skies for my own Adirondack Ski Chair.  The skies sat in my garage for several years, but best intentions fell short, and life kept me too busy to build my chair.  To be perfectly honest…I am not that ‘crafty’ OR ‘handy’ and had I built my ski chair it probably would not have been very nice OR structurally sound OR comfortable.

My Brother-in-law Roy decided to retire from his engineering job.  I had retired from my sales job.  He spent a lot of time fishing.  I started driving school bus part time.  I was telling him about my collection of old ski gear and my desire to make an Adirondack Ski Chair and he graciously offered to design and build me my chair.  One chair led to four chairs.  Then a bench made from old skies.  1 Last Run (Furniture) was born.

Roy and I decided to build a few more chairs.  We can even custom build chairs, benches, tables, and MORE folks.  We can provide the skies OR folks can give us their old gear and have furniture made from their memories.

1 Last Run Furniture is handmade, custom build with top quality materials.  They are built to last and stand up to any amount of weather.  It’s our hope that you too will want to get in ‘One Last Run’ with 1 Last Run Furniture.