Murder at Rocky High - Brian Mapp
Murder at Rocky High - Brian Mapp
Murder at Rocky High - Brian Mapp
Murder at Rocky High - Brian Mapp

Murder at Rocky High - Brian Mapp

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The nations' headlines have been filed with news of school massacres lately. Nobody has yet to give anyone reason beyond complete madness and the inured needs of some teenager's dark side. In Murder at Rocky High we have a high school party where the misuse of Visine as an Ecstacy-like drug brings down the most dire consequences upon the perpetrators. While a beautiful, talented and lovable girl, Angie is dead, her youth snuffed out by adolescent callousness, the blame is laid at the locker room door of Rocky High's successful football team. Caren, Angie's best friend, from second grade is haunted by dreams in which Angie demands revenge and restitution for the murder. Not knowing the exact perps, Caren still takes this obligation seriously and setts out to kill every member of the team involved who was at the party all, under the watchful eyes of her detective father and the Rock Island Police Department. She does the job in the most macabre way, leaving a trail of horror and blood until Angie is avenged, but alas, is poor Caren destined for a jail cell or a mental ward or does she get away scott free.


Brian Mapp grew up in the tiny town of Rock Island, he attended Hawthorne-Irving, Washington Jr. High (Go Warriors), and Rock Island High School were he attended the glee club and wrote songs.

He moved to Minnesota at the tender age of 17 for music. He was writing poetry and songs at that time and at 18 while taking a poetry class the teacher asked permission from him to publish his work in her poetry book.

In 2008 he submitted the book to four publishers three of them set contracts, the best offer was 30,000 plus incentives. He refused their offer politely and self published on his own. From 2008-2016 the book set on the shelf. Then in 2016 he pulled it down. From the 500 books he originally ordered, he now has one left.

Brian has had a passion for writing ever since he was 13 he is now 56 it’s time to make his dream come true.

He now resides in St  Paul, Minnesota. Here are a few pictures of his happy supporters.


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