Knives designed for your Company

The Process


Almost all of our designs start the same way, with an excellent cup of coffee, pen and paper. After drafting we move to 3d printing a full scale model to test comfort and dimensions.

Dirty Work

Cutting, drilling, grinding, shaping and anything else that produces sparks and fine dust particles. Our hands are in every step of these dirty, dangerous, transformative milestones.


Assembling, cleaning, sheathe making and sharpening. Every step is completed with intense attention to detail and a passion for making remarkable blades.

Private Label Service

For companies that share our passion for knives and creation. We offer a tailored private label knife making service. Within this service we have the capabilities to: Design and manufacture a knife or line of knives specific to your company, aesthetic and industry. These knives would bear your companies logo and maintain our strict quality and sourcing standards.

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